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Rachele Llamas

Experiencing progressively worsening shortness of breath, Rachele Llamas realized something was seriously wrong. Rachele went to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with COVID pneumonia. Thus began Rachele’s long and arduous journey back to better.

Flozell “Smitty” Smith

Hesitant at first, Flozell “Smitty” Smith worked hard with his Vibra care team to gain his independence back. After multiple setbacks, he is now discharged and is continuing his recovery with Home Health.

Mihail and his care team post for a photo in the lobby of Vibra Hospital of Sacramento

Mihail Mededinti

Mihail Mededinti’s care level was described as “all hands on deck”. He fought hard for his recovery after suffering hypoxic respiratory failure.

Joseph with his care team at Vibra Hospital of Sacramento


Joseph’s care focused on weaning him off the ventilator and getting him back to eating a regular diet. With support from his therapists and nurses, he discharged without a trach and a fully healed stoma.