Joseph arrived at Vibra Hospital of Sacramento with a wide array of respiratory issues. He needed the assistance of a ventilator to breathe and had a feeding tube placed for nutritional support. When it came to physical therapy, he required maximum assistance with dedicated vigilance. Despite all of these obstacles, Joseph fought hard to get off the ventilator.

Early on, Joseph started speech therapy alongside protocols to wean him off the ventilator. He quickly advanced, improving his independence with breathing and working up to using a speaking valve to communicate verbally. There were some temporary setbacks with Joseph’s respiratory recovery, requiring him to go back on ventilator support. But he began tolerating oxygen via a mask and was able to work back up to eating regular textured food. This eliminated his need for a feeding tube.

Within a few weeks, Joseph was capped, and ready for a trach removal. His determination, alongside his body’s response to weaning off the ventilator, was wonderful. He left Vibra without a trach in place with a fully healed stoma.

The nursing department worked tirelessly with Joseph to make sure he was comfortable. Joseph’s care team all described him as a kind soul who enjoyed bantering with everyone. He is one of those patients you are proud to see leave with such a tremendous recovery, but with bittersweet emotion because he was such a joy to know!